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Jim Manley
I was born in Toledo Ohio as the youngest of 4 kids.  Even though I was on the football, wrestling and swim teams,as a kid I also fell in love with radio.  I strapped a transistor radio to my head so I could listen to CKLW while riding my bike. My radio career was born when at the age of 14, I worked at a small radio station in Holland, Ohio, WPOS (The call letters stand for We Proclaim Our Savior). After attending The Ohio State University, I worked briefly at stations in Tampa and Columbus.  I spent years in front of the microphone at The Dixie Electric Company in Perrysburg, Cleveland, Hamilton, Columbus, Charlotte North Carolina,  and Dayton during  the late 70’s when disco was king.  The Dixie brought me to Dayton, where I jumped back into radio.  I worked at WBZI, WTUE, WONE, WHKO and WHIO where I had the great honor of working with a Dayton radio icon, Lou Emm. In 1992, I left radio to dive into the restaurant business and I have been happily directing the marketing operations for Fricker’s for the past 19 years. I’ve been married to Jean for 35 years.  We have two kids, Chris (and his wife Karen) and Alli (and her husband Justin). Jean and I are blessed to also have two wonderful grandchildren, Benjamin and Nora. We also have 2 Yorkshire terriers Wrigley (Yes after the field) and Josie (Not after the Pussycats)