Laffin’ Lizzy’s Haunted Funhouse Does Not Clown Around With Scares

Some people take spooky season to an entirely different level, and Laffin’ Lizzy’s Haunted Funhouse in Bellbrook is a perfect example.

The Dayton area is full of great haunted attractions, so what is it about Lizzy’s that is so different. Well the main thing is that Lizzy’s is not your typical haunt. It’s actually not a business at all, it’s someone’s house and the people that put it all together do it for free.

You read that right. . . this is not a business, it’s a passion project that the creators put together so everyone can enjoy it for free.

Photo Courtesy of Laffin Lizzys Haunted Funhouse

If you haven’t picked it up by now, Lizzy’s is a clown-centric scare. If you are one of those people that are scared to death of clowns, you might want to bring a friend to hang on to.

How Did Laffin’ Lizzy’s Haunted Funhouse Get Started?

The story of Lizzy’s seems like it would be rooted in some terrifying clown incident, but it’s actually nothing like that. The three people responsible are Hailey and Mathew Eakins, and their dad Todd Anderson. I talked to Hailey about how this incredible display came to be.

It started in fall of 2019 as my high school senior project as a way to complete my service hours. After our first season we couldn’t imagine not doing it. The three of us have always had a huge love for Halloween. The Funhouse became our way to give back to our community with our talents and love for Halloween.

How Long Does It Take To Get Everything Ready For Haunt Season?

We are always preparing! We spend all year designing new blueprints and building new props. We begin the construction of The Funhouse the last weekend in August each year. It takes hours and hours of labor intensive work to construct before we can begin decorating.

Laffin Lizzys Haunted Funhouse

I mentioned before that this is a passion project, not only because of the amount of work the Eakin’s put in, but the fact that they don’t charge for people to come see it. That’s how you know this is something that they’re doing out of love, not profit. Make no mistake though, they have all of the tools to open a very successful haunted house if they ever chose to.

Keeping in mind that they are not doing it for the money, I asked what is the most memorable/rewarding part of putting on the haunt every year.

The family bonding experience that we have while the building process is happening. We always make each other laugh even when we’ve been working for hours. It has brought the family closer in so many ways. There’s truly no better way to spend time together for us. We always enjoy the neighbors walking by and telling us how excited they are to see it finished! We love knowing that there are people who get just as excited as we do!

Photo Courtesy of Laffin Lizzy’s Haunted Funhouse

There’s not much time left to explore Laffin’ Lizzy’s so I suggest you clean out your calendar for Saturday night and take the trip to Bellbrook. While I have mentioned that the attraction is free to everyone, donations are definitely appreciated. Putting on a show like this is far from cheap, and it’s a great way to show the organizers you enjoy their work.

Laffin Lizzy’s is located at 4103 Shadow Leaf Dr. in Bellbrook, OH. If you need more information about Lizzy’s you can get it all here.

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